20+ Do Follow Social Bookmarking Submission Site List

20+ Do Follow Social Bookmarking Submission Site List

Here are some facts saying why social bookmarking is the best?

If you are bookmarking your blog post or website in the High PR social bookmarking sites, you will get quality links back to your website.

You will get relevant traffic to viral your blog post.

Due to huge traffic, you can improve the Page and Domain Authority of your website or blog.

The more will be the interested audience on your website, the lesser will be the bounce rate.

You may share your blog posts on lots of social media sites. Means you get a complete platform to make the socially active profile.

How to get started with social bookmarking?

If you are a newbie in SEO, you must know how to bookmark your website or blog in different social bookmarking sites. Go through all social bookmarking sites list for 2019 with High PR.

But first, you have to aware of some rules and regulations to bookmark your link on different social bookmarking sites. These rules may vary from one site to another.

Some social bookmarking sites like reddit.com, bizsuggar.com are very sticky in approval. They do not allow spamming. You need to be more social for these types of sites. Make an attractive profile by posting catchy blog posts.

Your blog post should have the proper information for the audience crowd. Comment, share upvote or like others’ posts to attract traffic towards yours.

Create an innovative title and creative description for your blog post. Add targeted keywords in tags or keyword field and choose the category that is the most appropriate for your post link.

Increase your website SEO using the following do follow social bookmarking submission site list.

  1. mix.com
  2. www.reddit.com
  3. www.diigo.com
  4. medium.com
  5. www.instapaper.com/
  6. www.plurk.com
  7. dribbble.com
  8. www.quora.com
  9. www.skybacklinks.com
  10. jumkak.com
  11. www.tumblr.com
  12. highbookmarks.info/
  13. www.4mark.net
  14. www.bookmark4you.com
  15. bookmarkingbase.com
  16. www.instapaper.com/
  17. www.bibsonomy.org
  18. app.getpocket.com/
  19. savelist.co/
  20. www.linkagogo.com/
  21. www.google.co.in/bookmarks
  22. www.mbacklinks.com/
  23. www.ridents.com/
  24. www.vapidpro.com.com/
  25. ttlink.com/
  26. 1look4.com
  27. instantarticle.seosocialnews.info
  28. account.seosocialnews.info
  29. computer.seosocialnews.info
  30. digitalseo.seosocialnews.info
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